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dometic Petrol and diesel Generators

Super Silenced Dometic TEC and Traveller Generators

Super-silent diesel and petrol generators from Dometic, Hatz diesel and Honda petrol engines
dometic Traveller generators

Do you feel most relaxed when you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Leave it all behind, and take a Traveller generator along with you on your travels. It allows you to run your air conditioner, tools and home gadgets wherever you are, even when no mains supply is available. Select the model that matches your power needs, and add a little extra capacity.

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dometic tec generators

Travelling to remote places for work or pleasure? TEC generators ensure you will always have plenty of mains power on board – for air conditioners, home appliances or working equipment. Fitted with variable speed technology, they save fuel and makes little noise. They will even recharge the vehicle battery during the journey, without you having to care about it.

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Dometic Generators

Dometic Generators are designed specifically for the onboard vehicle installation market, these units are popular with the motor homes, recreational vehicle and horsebox markets. Compact, Silenced and easy to install they provide the perfect solution for you onboard power requirements. From 2.5 to 6 kVa.


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